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What is DDS-Pro?

DDS-Pro is a new piece of software for dentists and dental technicians to help them to produce dental drill guides/surgical guides faster, cheaper and more accurately.

How to get the software?

DDS-pro software is available from this page.

How to run the software?

During first start the software asks for registration. This procedure is mandatory. You have you use real-working e-mail address because it will be used by the system to send you activation link.

How to learn about the DDS-Pro software and DDS-Pro system?

DDS-Pro software is provided with digital manual inside the software. All tools are detailed described. DDS-Pro system is described in detail in Learn How it Works section of the webpage. Dedicated DDS-Pro Youtube Channel offers Videotutorials. You can always ask for on-line training or immediate help contacting us through the contact form at the top of this page.

How to log into user’s account on portal?

Each user of DDS-Pro software has access to his account on
The account is created during first software registration.
No separate account creation is required.
The login is the e-mail address used during software registration.
The password is created by the user also during software installation process.
The password can be reset by “Forgot password?” option on the webpage.

How to get the training?

Please contact us through the contact form at the top of this page to determine the convenient time of training. On-line, individual session (Skype, Teamviewer) will take place at the agreed time and scope.

Are the software updates for free?

Absolutely. Independently if you use a free Viewer license or Professional one all new updates available on the webpage are free to use.

Why the DDS-Pro software starts in Viewer mode (limited)?

Just after you download, install and register the software starts with free Viewer license. This is enough for a long list of applications. To use full power of DDS-Pro software the license has to be changed. All available options are available in On-Line Shop. In case of lack of Internet connection the DDS-Pro software starts always in Viewer mode.

How much does it cost?

Viewer, Education, Evaluation licenses are for free. Commercial Professional license's lifetime fee is 150€ and includes free training, unlimited support, and free updates. The price of conversions depends on chosen package.

How to buy the commercial license and credits for conversions?

The On-Line Shop [link do podstrony ze sklepem] offers all available services. No software re-installation is required. The new license will be granted on-line during next start of the software.

How to move the license for the software form one computer to the other?

One license indentified by e-mail address used during software allows to work with two computers at the same time. If you need to install DDS-Pro software on new computer (eg an old computer malfunction) the license used with old computer has to be switched off first. For this purpose please contact us and inform which license should be deactivated (information about Device ID number is available in the upper left corner of the sodtware's window) then install and register new copy of the software using the same e-mail address.

Where I can find information about my status as the user of DDS-Software?

Just during registration of the software an individual account identified by used e-mail address on the portal is created. Access to this account is available here where login is the e-mail address used during software registration and password is created by the user during software registration and can be reset using "Forgot password?" option.

How to pay for service?

All services available in On-Line Shop [link do podstrony ze sklepem] can be paid using Paypal system. Just chose desired service and follow the system's instructions. The're is also available bank payments option. If you chose this method please contact us and ask for pro-forma invoice for specific items. In this case payment data has to be used:

Bank name: BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A.
Bank Address: ul. Kasprzaka 10/16. 01-211 Warszawa, Poland
Account number: PL7216001462-1845058120000002
Beneficiary: POLORTO, Tomasz Stefańczyk
Beneficiary address: ul. Zwycięzców 18, 42-217 Częstochowa, Poland

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