Chose best option for your business



Free basic type of license, great DICOM viewer with many helpful tools. Allows to work also with ready projects prepared in full version of DDS-Pro


Free full version of the software for Teachers, Students, Universities, Speakers, Lecturers. Great choice for courses. Unlimited possibilities. Negotiable time of usage.


Free full version of the software for everybody who is planning to start daily work with DDS-Pro. All tools available, 2 free conversions and 1 month free work period included.


Professional commercial license. Included 1 month of work and 2 free conversion for only 49€. Available more conversions to buy as single or in packages.


Commercial unlimited license. Includes 3-5 free conversions, unlimited updates, access to implants libraries, technical assistance for only 150€.


Air Ways Tool license

The license activates Air Ways tool In the DDS-Pro software. Works with all types of currently used licenses (Viewer and Professional). The price of one year long period is 99€.


When you are out of conversions you can buy them directly from here using PayPal / Credit card option or ask your local dealer for customized conversions offer

For each bought conversion ( Conversion can be used for export of drill guide (DG) or wafer (W) object to .stl format. For each conversion you get 1 model (M - conversion of any other than DG or W object) conversion for free.

Buy DG/W conversions here:

Buy M conversions here: